Associated California Loggers Contracts with John Quidachay as “Timber Specialist” to Represent You in US Forests and on Federal Issues.

Using special voluntary donations raised by ACL members via the “Resource Availability Fund”(RAF)  ,  Associated California Loggers has placed John Quidachay on a one-year contract to represent our interests regionally and locally with the US Forest Service and to advise on federal issues.   John has 35 years of forest management experience, including work with…


JGAC: White Paper on America’s Forest Health Crisis

The Joint Governmental Affairs Committee- consisting of Associated California Loggers, Loggers Association of Northern California and the Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference- sent a white paper on America’s Forest Health Crisis to President Donald Trump with the important message that making America’s forests great again will play a key role in making America great again. This first white…


NBC Bay Area News Investigates CARB Rules, Diesel Filter Truck Fires

Associated California Loggers has joined the Alliance for California Business in challenging state rules requiring diesel particulate filters. The coalition has filed a lawsuit (Click here to download the complaint) in Sacramento County against the California Air Resources Board for the second time, alleging diesel particulate filters are causing dangerous truck fires that are threatening public…