ACL Membership

The logging industry is as old as the legendary Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan was known as the giant Woodsman, a man of great strength and size who was taller than the trees of the forest. For loggers and log haulers today, that same strength is needed not by just one great woodsman; but collectively by loggers through an association serving the needs of contracted loggers, log haulers and road builders.

Associated California Loggers Serves Your Needs

Associated California Loggers (ACL) is a nonprofit trade association that works to meet the needs of their membership-individuals, partnership and companies that log timber in California. For nearly thirty years ACL has been serving the business and education needs of the logging industry.

ACL also is a founding member of the Western Logging Council and the American Loggers Council, each a group of logging organizations concerned with timber harvesting in the West and nationally. Over 500 members belong to Associated California Loggers. Join us today.

Your Voice in Government

ACL and staff continuously monitor state, local and federal legislation and regulations. At the state level, the Department of Fish and Game and the Department of Forestry are closely watched for unfair laws and over-regulation. At the federal level, ACL promotes logging with a number of agencies and departments, including the EPA, the Bureau of land Management and the U.S. Forest Service.

ACL’s past legislative record speaks for itself with successful results in truck tax deductions, weight allowances, loader permit approval, hearing standards that work, avoidance of logger testing, among others.

$100 initiation fee applies. Dues are $10 per employee over 20 for logging and log trucking companies, $4 per employee over 25 for road building companies.