ACL sponsors California’s ProLoggerSM program with a wide variety of classes, including safety seminars, new regulation workshops, and management guidelines to help logging outfits grow safely and profitably.

ACL maintains an active continuing education program for it’s members and other loggers and log truckers. By meeting basic requirements in fields of study including Operating Practices, Business Practices and Risk Management loggers can qualify for ProLogger status. Continuing education opportunities are provided throughout the year to enable loggers and log truckers to keep abreast of changes in their business.

How Do I Become a ProLogger?

To obtain ProLogger status, you must accumulate 20 required units the first year (usually, 1 hour = 1 unit).  The first 17 units of the first year are comprised of these three required courses:

Best Operating Practices

6 units via ACL Correspondence Course

Business Practices

5 units via ACL Correspondence Course

Risk Management

6 units, divided into a two-part class
Part One:  First Aid/CPR (4 units)
Part Two:  Risk Management Course (2 units)

The remaining three units for the first year and every unit for every year after that will be comprised of elective units.  Elective units must come from ACL-sponsored programs which will normally be available at the ACL Annual Meeting in Reno, the logging conferences, ACL functions, or provided by CDF or others.

If you have taken the Logger Training Program provided by CDF to obtain an LTO license within the last 12 months, you do not need to take the required course Best Operating Practices.  You will be given 6 units toward your ProLogger requirements.

If you have a First Aid/CPR card that is current, you do not need to take the First Aid/CPR training included in the required Risk Management class.  Credit will be given toward your ProLogger requirements.  You will need to keep your card current.

Once you have obtained these 20 units, your information will be kept in ACL’s records and your company’s name or your name will appear on the annual ACL ProLogger List that is distributed to employers in the spring.

Important Note:  To qualify for ProLogger status, the student must be a partner in the business.  However, employees are always welcome and encouraged to take the classes as well.

How to I Maintain ProLogger Status?

You only need to take the 20 units of required ACL courses (including 3 initial elective units) once.

Every year thereafter, in order to maintain ProLogger status in ACL’s records and to be placed on the Annual ProLogger List, you must simply do the following:

Take 8 elective units (at the ACL Annual Meeting, the logging conferences, etc.)

Mail or fax proof (usually a course completion card) to ACL of your First Aid/CPR training.  There are further details involved in the ProLogger program, such as who qualifies to be placed on the ProLogger list (must be a partner in the business) and fees for the various courses. 

Contact Jan Pardee at 916.441.7940 with any questions you may have regarding the ProLogger program and to order correspondence courses.